Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Men's Skin Care: Amore Pacific Hera Homme

Merry Christmas to everyone! 

I apologize for the lack of updates here lately, I know at least a couple of you guys are waiting for updates. With Christmas being over things are back to normal, even here at Honey Heart Beauty.

With the camera battery in the charging station I'm too eager to get back to Health and Beauty blogging to wait for it.

Which makes a good idea out of blogging about a facial cleansing product created for men by Amore Pacific. Their products are exquisite and favored for its concentrated, botanical-infused treatments. The Hera Homme Dual Cleansing Foam has dual function as a cleansing foam and shaving foam.

Who says that beauty is for women strictly? I am very hygienic, I keep myself and my home fresh and clean. A pet peeve I have is lousy personal hygiene so a BF who doesn't take good care of himself is out of the question. I bought him this product as a surprise and it was money well spent.

I've known him for 7 years, he takes good care of himself. After started using Amore Pacific Hera Homme his skin is ... it looks perfect. Perfect is a strange word to use but I can't put it any other way. It looks perfect. I look at his facial skin and I feel jealousy, haha! No dirt what so ever, the pores are so clean. I asked him what he thinks of it, his response was "it is good" and he is the biggest critic I know of. He has expressed his interest in one more tube which means that he likes it. He hasn't had any breakouts since he started with it.

Information from Amore Pacific:
Men`s skin is different from that of women: It gets irritated due to everyday shaving and is thicker than women`s skin. While the blood circulation is a lot more active, men lose elasticity and hydration more easily. Men`s skin also has a higher level of acidity and discharges about twice as much sebum as women`s. 
Company Information:
Amore Pacific use natural and powerful ingredients such as green tea, bamboo sap and red ginseng in their products. Bamboo, green tea, and Korean Red ginseng hold the key to longevity, good health, and youthful skin. Amore Pacific places the utmost care in cultivating botanical ingredients by harvesting each plant at peak times to ensure the highest nutrient potency possible and therefore delivers the best skin-perfecting results possible.

Does your boyfriends/husbands care about cleaning their face every day?


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