Friday, December 31, 2010

Searching Storage for Beauty Products

From above
Here's the back
The front
What am I going to store here exactly?
I need to organize my beauty products. Currently there's no order, just messy and complicated. I'm not a make-up collector or hoarder so I don't have need for large cases. I have a couple of palettes, some single eye-shadows, and not too much of mascaras, foundations and so on. But then there's moisturizers, eye creams, make-up removers, facial cleansing products, and all that which do take up some space. Basically I need a better storage solution for the stuff I actually use daily/weekly. The everyday beauty products. Also jewellery storage solutions.

I have seen so many smart storage solutions on my fellow beauty bloggers blogs. I have got a few tips so I'm gonna have a look around.

I haven't made a proper full-hearted search around town yet but I walked past the bathroom accessory department and found this which I think is convenient. I don't trust suction cups though but they can simply be removed.

I wanted to share this simple and cheap idea/solution for storage. I put a few items in the container for better size and space concept. It's pretty deep.

Storage tips are greatly appreciated *Hint Hint*


Toni Tralala said...

I like this idea! You can slip this in a closet to hide too. Organization is key! :)

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