Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mini pick up Oriflame Elisha Coy Benefit

Couldn't resist these.... What are they? Well, the two similar to egg shape are Oriflame products. One a lip balm the other a softness restoring cream. Then there's the Elisha Coy Always Nuddy Blemish Balm and the Benefit High Beam.

Elisha Coy Always Nuddy Blemish Balm made with quality plant-based ingredients and advanced technologies for a surprisingly light and clear natural skin tone lasting a long period of time.

This BB cream is soothing, moisturizing and anti-irritant - I don't notice anything that would suggest otherwise.

The coverage is pretty good however it smells like something from art class (that can't be good). It evens out the complexion and does make a good foundation. Do I seem surprised? I didn't have any positive expectations as I set to apply this. The color work well with my untanned winter complexion, covering the dull with luster. It did hide pores and redness pretty well. It looked really natural. I would give this product 3 out of 5 possible stars, I actually believe this has become my new favorite foundation. :)

Benefit High Beam is a satiny pink liquid highlighter that can be used
either as a spot highlighter or delicately blended all over your complexion.

The color of the cream on the picture next to this text is actually off, more golden brown than the light pink that it is. The first, large, image in this post does the actual color better justice.

Haven't tried this one yet but I am excited. Am likely to update this post when I have experienced it.

Oriflame products. One a lip balm containing beeswax, olive and echium oil. The other a moisture-rich and instantly softness restoring cream with caramel aroma.

I've become a fan of these. They don't irritate my skin, there's no strange smell to complain over, and it is truly moisture RICH. The cream in the brown container has a caramel aroma which is just delicious!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Skin79 BB Cream Miniature Set (Black)

I been reading many reviews, both good and bad (mostly bad) about BB Creams, unfortunatly not prior to buying this Skin79 BB Cream Miniature Set. Looking at my face in the mirror after applying any of these I couldn't believe this product was real, I thought it was a gag. The packaging is pretty, they sell it sincerely with descriptions like "perfectly flawless and polished complexion". And when I squeezed it out of the tube onto the back of my hand and noticed the disturbing color I instantly thought this isn't good.

This as a waste of $18. If I wanted the look of a zombie, this would set a good foundation.

My 2010 Christmas Wishlist

It's about THAT time of the year. Don't you feel jolly? Too soon? Ok. I'm in THAT type of mood already. It's freezing outside, there's pretty much snow and it takes longer than usual to type becauce the son has pulled out keys off the keyboard. It's keys that are often used, like the dot, the W, tab and so on. Yeah. Annoying, I need to get it fixed. I really should get a keyboard silicone cover protector. It is more hygentic anyway.

So it's TIME for a Wishlist post. This Wishlist is by far complete (how can you complete a Wishlist?). So I have had these pictures stashed on my laptop for a while with no way of recalling from here I have got these and truth be told I'm too lazy to look these up and write specifics so I'm just gonna cover the basics.

Tarte The Royal Collection

This wish is based solely on the appearance since I have no experience of it, doesn't this look luxurious?

Phytomer:  Phytomer Perfect Cleanse Christmas Collection

I lack luster during the winter months, could this be ideal for me?

Benefit Powder flage 
Could you be the one? I have major issues with dark circles (Dedicated parent).

SANA Pore Putty Makeup Base

 Curious about you.

Gucci bag
Oh, love.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I seriously wouldn't mind this bathroom accessories set

Maybe it's just a crush. But I'm head over heals today.

The set includes:

Soap Dish
Toothbrush Holder
Tissue Box Cover
Lotion Dispenser

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Arché Pearl Cream

Hello beautiful ladies :) I thought I'd write about this pearl cream Arché Pearl Cream which is a specially formulated (Formula AA) face cream for elimination of acne, freckles, melasma and dark spots. It is made in Thailand and is UV protected. Suppose to eliminate unwanted wrinkles. Claiming it can be used as foundation cream. Now I have only used it twice and according to instructions you are suppose to use it twice daily for one week so I haven't enough experience for a review yet as far as effectivity goes.

Direction state that after you have cleaned your skin thoroughly you are suppose to apply the pearl cream evenly during morning and evening but this cream doesn't absorb, it leaves your face with a mask so I don't see how anyone should use this in the morning. As far as the idea of foundation goes it makes a lousy foundation. Slightest touch and it smears out, it is so thick. It's moist and is available in one color only.

Instead, I applied it before my regular morning routine and did a little work by the laptop before washing it off after about 20 - 30 minutes and proceeded with the regual routine. It didn't rinse off easily, just water didn't do. I had to use a facial wash to clean away as much as was possible. Yet it was noticable, but using a facial towel to wipe off the last of it did the trick. After that you couldn't see it with your eyes anymore.

The good part is it is such a gentle and warming cream and just those 20 or 30 minutes made a small difference in skin tone appearance. It left the skin with a soft peal shine. I love the scent, I can't explain it cause I have no comparison.

I have tried other creams which wasn't this hard to rinse off and cleared up my skin faster than this is said to do. However they have dried out my skin in the process.

I found information about the product. The ingredients don't tell ME much, I am in need of some reading up to learn what's good and not for the face. However I don't see the word alcohol in there. I've heard that fragrance isn't good.

Petrolatum, Mineral Oil, CI 77891, Ceresin, Beeswax, Lanolin, Cetyl Alcohol, Talc, CI 77947, Fragrance, Niacinamide, Allantoin, Zinc oxide, Titanium dioxide, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, Pearl Powder, Stearyl Glycyrretinate, Polyhydroxystearic Acid, Aluminum Stearate, Alumina, CI 47000, CI 26100

Have you tried this or any other pearl creams? What did you think of it?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Review: Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Treatment (Pictures)

Sulwhasoo use the rare Korean Ginseng Berry. Recognized for its healing & detoxifying powers, Ginseng leaf tea traditionally once was drunk to prevent freckles, blemishes and wrinkles.

I have dedicated entire posts to Korean skin care products before, same brand even; Sulwhasoo ( "Sul"(snow), "wha"(white) and "soo"(exellence) ), it's worth mentioning more than one time. The Overnight Vitalizing Treatment mask is used as the last step of the basic skincare. It pampers your skin with luxurious hydration and greatly improves as you sleep. It is formulated with Korean medicinal herbs like all Sulwhasoo products and one tube á 120ml cost around $60.00.

It is the noticeable difference in my skin such as reduced fine lines under the eyes* and the healthy radiance which are decisive in my decision to use the product regularly. The difference was evident after only one night. I notice that while I sleep my youth is restored. I haven't come across a product equally healing.

Would you buy it: Yes
Would you recommend it: Yes
Rate it: ★★★☆☆
Comment: I can feel that it lets the skin breath and the scent truely is effecting the body and the mind. This is pure herbal luxury.

As Western brands tend to cater to a symptom so if you have wrinkles you'd use wrinkle cream. Asian brands tend to focus on both the primal cause of the symptom and also in trying to fix the symptom in itself. 

Sulwhasoo believes in the principle of JaEum based on JaEumDan formula (5 herbs complex - Polygonatum Officinale, Nelumbo Nucifera, Paeonia Lacitflora, Rehmannia Glutinosa, and Lilium Tigrinum).

Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Treatment

Formulated with Korean medicinal herbs, this overnight mask awakens a radiant looking skin with nourishing moisture and herbal extracts.

- Acutelobed Angelica and Pomegranate help brighten skin tone and Walnut and White Mulberry restore skin's vitality by delivering essential nutrients.
- Creating an essential moisture layer on the skin, this mask assures optimum penetration of nourishing herbs while you rest.

Walnut extract creates an essential moisture layer on the skin, promoting optimal absorption of nourishing ingredients, like purifying acutelobed angelica extract and antioxidant pomegranate extract, while you sleep. White mulberry extract minimizes redness and irritation as hyaluronic acid promotes long-term hydration, restoring and revitalizing skin overnight. 

  • This treatment helps skin regenerate better throughout the night
  • Replenishes nutrients from Korean medicinal extracts to improve cellular turnover
  • Allows skin to breathe andcirculate during healing process
  • Korean medicinal aroma comforts body andmind
  • Leaves skin look energized and refreshed in morning

Sulwhasoo has reached the west with their debut spa outside Korea located on Canton Road.

Sulwhasoo Spa
82-84 Canton Road
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
+852 3101 9861

Like the snow blossoms in winter that silently bear life within, foreseeing the clearness of spring, the greenness of summer, and the abundance of autumn, Sulwhasoo symbolizes the refined and deeply white beauty of Korea.

* The stress and sleepless nights after my pregnancy has caused signs of premature aging :((

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Review: Body Collection Blusher Puff (Pictures)

Face blusher from Body Collection comes in a small container with a puff applicator attached to the top. It is EXTREMELY glittery so you only need so little which makes it long-lasting. It could be gorgeous applied on the cheek bones towards your eyebrows for a fresh sparkling glow on nights out. It's very intense and would be too much to wear during the days but could do well on tanned cheek bones in summer time. Because it is more of a shimmering highlighter than a blusher it would be more appropriate for evenings.

Would you buy it: Maybe
Would you recommend it: Not Sure, not to everyone.
Rate it: ★★☆☆☆
Comment: Enhances the cheek bones and gives the face a fresh look. Because it is so intense it is advisable to apply with fingertips instead of the attached puff.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The biggest fan of Chip and Dale

My son is the biggest fan of Donald Duck's Chip and Dale. I bought these Chip and Dale padded seat belt covers and got to try them out when we left today.

It was snowing mad when I looked out the window this morning and it has kept snowing the entire day. Antonio says that it's a sign from God snowing on his birthday (Antonio is my baby daddy). We've been eating good food, my son (Cristiano) ate most of my piece of the birthday cake.

New make up bag

My new make up bag. Leopard pattern on slightly seethrough fabric which conseals sewed on sequins not visible to the eye on these images. I like it.

To give you a sence of size I've opened it up for you. Inside are foundations which I am going to review within time.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Was getting ready for a day outside when.....

I was curling my lashes when my boy who's two also wanted to curl his.

Review: COVET by Sarah Jessica Parker - Shower Gel (Pictures)

I have several cosmetic, skincare and health products to write about, unfortunatly I don't have much free time right now. I will do my best and hope I can post a few entries a week.

Sarah Jessica Parker's Covet Shower Gel zoom

So as you already know this post is about Sarah Jessica Parker's Covet Shower Gel. Obviously the first thing I noticed was the gorgeous colors of gold and green.

This is a pleasant luxuriously scented moisturizing shower gel which is inexpensive enough for daily usage and leaves a clean and refreshed feeling. The irresistable scent didn't want to let me go, I just kept smelling on the tube. It would make a perfect gift and it's perfect in my shower. The scent does linger a few hours, combined with Covet Perfume for Women by Sarah Jessica Parker that scent can keep on going all day and night if you wish; We'll see if that's true- the perfume is going to be my next buy.

Would you buy it: Yes
Would you recommend it: Yes
Rate it: ★★★☆☆
Comment: Has a seductive fragrance and is well worth the price. 

Fragrance Notes: Geranium Leaves Lemon Honeysuckle Chocolate Lavender Lemon Amber Musk Teakwood

Covet...It's all about a feeling. You see it in the window. You know you shouldn't... but you can't resist. Whether it's a pair of Manolo blahniks... a Cartier watch... the bag of the season... or a piece of dark chocolate. You have to have it! Impulsive, indulgent, irresistible... but with good reason.

What Hollywood celebrity perfumes, shower gels or lotions do you own and which are your favorites?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Review: Sulwhasoo Serum and Firming Cream (Pictures)

I received a renewal kit by Sulwhasoo. It contains one First Care Serum and one Firming Cream. I have used it for two days now. What I first noticed was the pleasant scent of the Serum and the aromatic scent of the firming cream. I applied no larger amount than I needed to. I applied it after my daily facial wash routine. There was an instant firming and lifting without drying out the skin and a more even tone. Now I'm not old or saggy but there was a healthy difference. I'm a mother to a two year old and often times don't get enough sleep or time to rewind or stress down so I have a problem with looking tired and dull now adays. Using these two products I find that I have got some of my rested glow back. It is perfect as a daycream and under make-up since it doesn't leave your skin oily or greasy yet it adds moisture. My skin type is oily and these two Sulwhasoo products keep a shiney forehead away. I would definitely buy this product and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. I have tried many well known products, products in your local store and drug store and I didn't find any of them delivering their promisses as much as Sulwhasoo products.

Would you buy it: Yes
Would you recommend it: Yes
Rate it: ★★☆☆☆
Comment: Sulwhasoo products are quite expensive but of better quality compared with many commercial brans skin care products.

It was difficult to find information about these items in a language that I can understand. Here is what I got so far, I will update if I get new info.

Delicate Korean herbal medicinal aesthetics bringing the utmost depth of beauty, Sulwhasoo. With the literal meaning of 'an arid and frail branch covered with snow-white flowers, exploding in full blossom', the brand name of Sulwhasoo implies that the exquisite beauty of a magnificent winter tree with the full snow blossom is brought to women whose soft and succulent skin tone has been withered with aging. A metaphor was used in comparing the appearance of aged women to an arid winter branch.

Firming Cream:
  • Developed with Korean medicinal herbs to hydrate skin from within
  • Contains Adlay Millet for detoxifying
  • Blended with Pomegranate
  • Ginkgo Bibloba Leaf extract
  • Recovers skin density
  • Firmness for aged, damaged slackening skin
  • Blends sleekly into skin for immediate lifting effect
  • Unveils more elastic
  • Healthier skin

First Care Serum:
Formulated with Korean medicinal herbs, this essential regimen boosting serum assures optimal skin care results, promoting balance and replenishing essential moisture and nutrients.

- Membranous Milkvetch promotes natural skin circulation and Dwarf Lilyturf and Licorice boost synergy among herbal extracts to restore skin’s natural healthy radiance.
- Absorbing instantly and deep within the skin, this serum leaves the skin soft, smooth and supple, prepares skin to receive treatment and boosts the efficacy of skin care used throughout the regimen.
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