Thursday, November 25, 2010

My 2010 Christmas Wishlist

It's about THAT time of the year. Don't you feel jolly? Too soon? Ok. I'm in THAT type of mood already. It's freezing outside, there's pretty much snow and it takes longer than usual to type becauce the son has pulled out keys off the keyboard. It's keys that are often used, like the dot, the W, tab and so on. Yeah. Annoying, I need to get it fixed. I really should get a keyboard silicone cover protector. It is more hygentic anyway.

So it's TIME for a Wishlist post. This Wishlist is by far complete (how can you complete a Wishlist?). So I have had these pictures stashed on my laptop for a while with no way of recalling from here I have got these and truth be told I'm too lazy to look these up and write specifics so I'm just gonna cover the basics.

Tarte The Royal Collection

This wish is based solely on the appearance since I have no experience of it, doesn't this look luxurious?

Phytomer:  Phytomer Perfect Cleanse Christmas Collection

I lack luster during the winter months, could this be ideal for me?

Benefit Powder flage 
Could you be the one? I have major issues with dark circles (Dedicated parent).

SANA Pore Putty Makeup Base

 Curious about you.

Gucci bag
Oh, love.


Bag Lady said...

I have an authentic Gucci bag as in the pic for resale if you are interested in purchase, contact, thanks.

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