Monday, December 20, 2010

Review: Maithong Mangosteen Soap (Adult Acne; My Secret)

Maithong Mangosteen soap is an everyday Face and Body Wash.

Teen acne and Adult acne are not the same thing and need to be treated differently. I don't know how this product work on teen acne, even if it does. I use it to treat my adult acne for which it works wonders.

I haven't come across a product even similar to it's effectiveness to treat adult acne. I notice it is working only after the first use, after the second use my acne is noticeable better. My face feels very clean.

My acne isn't severe or spread throughout the entire face. It is normally (when I don't stray from my daily facial cleansing routine) located on my chin area and on my forehead.

The ingredients list reads:
Mangoosteen, Black Sesame, Vitamin E, Palm Kernel Oil, Sodium Cocate (Coconut oil), Glycerin, Aqua

It contains natural anti-oxidants and protects skin from acne and rash.

Back of the package reads:
Mangosteen and natural herbal extracts act as a natural AHA whitener. Mangosteen is an excellent anti-oxidant and has natural anti-bacterial properties that help reduce acne, black spots and skin imperfections of the face and body. Vitamin E, extracted from Black Sesame, provides moisture and brightens your skin.

Many products state similar things but are ineffective. Mangosteen reduced my acne significantly after just two uses. It's between $5 - $12 depending on where you buy it and it's cost effective. One bar of 100 g. soap will last me way past six months if used twice daily. I dare guess up to one year. To my knowledge it's probably not easy to find on the market outside of Asia. The producing company is located in Bangkok Thailand. I didn't find an official website but it's distributed on selected websites throughout the web. I bought mine off ebay.

Would you buy it: Yes
Would you recommend it: Yes
Rate it: ★★★★★
Comment: It sounds too good to be true, I have found my Mr. Right of acne products.

I like that it has anti-bacterial properties and is anti-inflammatory. I have some redness on the sides of the nose which this herbal soap reduces. Overall it gives my skin a more even tone and healthier glow. It looks like when I've applied a small amount of concealer, except I haven't. 


Mangosteen, The queen of fruits is one of the tastiest fruits in the world, is native to South East Asia and requires a year round, warm, very humid, equatorial climate. Many researchers from many world-class laboratories founded that Mangosteen are naturally antibiotic, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory; and are the most powerful antioxidants found in nature that could cure skin rashes, infections and wounds.

Antioxidants are well known for their ability to slow the aging process, thus providing us with wrinkle-free skin. Antioxidants are good nutrition in our diets that neutralize damaging free radicals incurred cumulatively due to elder age. Free radicals damage healthy cells in our body.


Rakhshanda said...

Sounds like a great product!!Glad it worked for you:))
Nice blog honey..try checking out mine.

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Sounds good indeed! And looks pretty :)

nataniel ivan said...

nice article girl

Honey / Angelina said...

@Rakhshanda Will do :)
@Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl Because it works makes me I wish it was more available - sold in the country I am in.
@nataniel ivan Thank you for liking it :D

Tin Tin said...

what a surprise! I read your article after my second use.. Yeah! It made me feel comfortable than any other brands sold in Cosmetic shop. Your article uplifts me to use the soap with respect as well. One thi ng - I've been in thailand for 2 years :D

carrie said...

Ive never heard of mangosteen, but i do use a tea tree oil soap that works pretty well. Its a natural antibiotic. I've been using it for a couple years with no problems.

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zhel Alejandro said...
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