Thursday, October 28, 2010

Review: Big Happie Hair (As Seen On TV) (Pictures)

The bumpits have arrived. I ordered them off the net just 5 or 6 days ago. They came all the way from Hong Kong so that's fast shipping! Bumpits are hair volumizing inserts, "from flat to fabulous" (Quoting text on the package).

Ok, the packaging is real cute. It contains five bumpits, one large, two medium size and two small. The official Bumpits website sell them for $9.99 + shipping costs ($7.95), I ordered mine off ebay for just $2.68 and the shipping was free.

Bumpits come in four colors, I ordered the color Brunette.

The official Bumpits website state that if styled as directed Bumpits inserts will stay firmly in your hair unless you remove it. This is thanks to the raised edging that firmly grips any hair type. They advice that ladies with finer, thinner hair do some light teasing at the base to ensure a firm hold. Bumpits inserts can be worn during activites such as dancing and working out.

 I can in a wild imagination fantasise that a bumpit could stay in place in large very curly hair, or hair that's very dry and damaged. I couldn't make them stay firmly in my hair and I couldn't create any dues. My head just looked odly shaped.

Would you buy it: No
Would you recommend it: No
Rate it: ☆☆☆☆☆
Comment: Don't know if it's my hair type, the shape of my head or the bumpits but they didn't stick to my hair or stayed in place. Perhaps it takes some training but I didn't make it work dispite of following instructions.

Do you use Bumpits or any other product to volumize your hair?


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